Our God

our saviour

Riverwood Christadelphians

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind"

Luke 10:27

Gives insights to live a fulfilling life

Can provide you with a supportive community

Gives you a purpose and a hope

You can become part of God's family

Help you manage anxiety and worry

Join us for breakfast on Sundays. We have barista made coffee and bacon and egg rolls. We're also able to chat through any questions you have about the Bible in a relaxed and welcoming environment. 

Time: 8am - 9am

Free Breakfast


Every Sunday morning we run a Sunday school program for ages 3 and up. Afterwards we have our service to worship and remember our God and his son Jesus. You are most welcome to come! 

Sunday School: 9:15am 

Morning Service: 10am

Sunday school & morning service


Join us Sunday evenings for a public Bible study. Topics range from what the role of the angels are, to digital addiction and how it effects us, to exploring whether anyone can tell the future.

For a full list of topics click here.

Public talk: 6pm Sundays

Sunday night public talk


Every Wednesday evening we study and discuss a particular topic, character, theme or book in the Bible. There are always applicable lessons to take away that help guide you through the week.

Time: 8pm Wednesdays 

Wednesday evening Bible class