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Sat on the Rocks

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God

for salvation to everyone who believes"

Romans 1:16

Why blieve

Ordinary people | Extraordinary God

The Riverwood Christadelphians are a community based Christian group made up of singles, couples, parents and grandchildren from South West Sydney and beyond.


We welcome you to share in our enthusiasm and gratitude for the life-changing Gospel message found in God's Word the Bible.

Our mission is to praise and serve God, endeavouring to show His grace and to manifest the love of Jesus as we reach out to others inviting them to be part of the Good News of the Kingdom of God.


We strive to provide a loving, growing haven where we can encourage and nurture each other in our lives and worship, regularly reading the Bible, until Christ returns.

If you would like to find out more about God's message of hope we would love to speak to you in person at one of our events listed below or click here to access our contact form.

Hiking in Sunset

Why believe in the Bible, God and Jesus?

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Gives insights to live a fulfilling life

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Can provide a supportive community

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Gives you a purpose and a hope

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You can become part of God's family

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Help you manage anxiety and worry

Events on now
All events are streamed on the
Riverwood YouTube Channel


Sunday School and our Memorial Service are held each Sunday at our hall.

Free coffee is available from 10.30am.

Sunday School: 9:15am (except school holidays)

Memorial Service: 11.00am (10am summer hols)


Sunday school & morning service


Our Sunday evening program is at 6pm each Sunday at our hall.  

Each Sunday we hold a seminar on Christadlephian beliefs and topical subjects affecting followers of Christ in today's world.

Visit our Sunday Evening Events page for further details.

Time: 6pm Sundays

Sunday night events


Join our free online bible course at

Biblical Studies

Our  Wednesday evening bible class commences at our hall each week at 8pm.

Every Wednesday evening we study and discuss a particular topic, character, theme or book in the Bible.
Visit our Wednesday Evening Events page for further details.

Time: 8pm Wednesdays

Wednesday evening Bible study


Events on now

Ask us a question

Thanks for contacting us, we will be in touch soon.

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