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What are the Riverwood Care challenges?

This initiative is designed to enhance a closer relationship with God, His Word and with each other. We are regularly exhorted to work on these relationships and love the ecclesia. Yet often, we wonder how to put this into everyday practice.


The aim of these challenges is to put these lofty principles into simple, edifying activities we can all do.


It will raise awareness of how everyday acts can cultivate these relationships and even nurture new ones. Who knows, you could be embracing your next new ‘good habit’ this month!

Rising to the Challenge of Care is everyone’s responsibility & privilege!

 Our Riverwood Care group welcomes your Care Challenge suggestions.

Each month there will be a Care Challenge proposed for that month in the welfare section of our weekly ecclesial newsletter.


The challenge will outline a simple task to be performed in that month, with some suggestions, that everyone at Riverwood can engage in - from retiree to teen, from mums & dads to aunty  and uncles.


The benefits of these challenges will be magnified the more everyone joins in.

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