Riverwood Christadelphians


Effective 1 July, 2020


As we move to re-open our ecclesial hall for certain activities it is very important that everyone is aware of the conditions of entry and attendance guidelines for attendance at the hall.

Some important things to note:

All events will continue to be available online via our streaming services and dial-in option, as advised via the WhatsApp Group.

An event organiser will be nominated for each event to be held at the hall.  Members will receive information about events and nominated event organisers via the WhatsApp group and email Newsletter.  The event organiser will be responsible for ascertaining who is attending the hall and ensuring we do not exceed our restricted attendance number.  The event organiser will also advise attendees of all attendance guidelines and conditions of entry. 


If you are planning to attend an event it is imperative you have advised the event organiser of your intention so they can confirm numbers do not exceed restrictions and they can inform you of any attendance guidelines.

We are currently restricted to attendance of 35 people at the hall (not including organisers e.g., chairman, speaker, audio-visual co-ordinator) due to the 4m square rule to ensure adequate social distancing.

For mixed age events, social distancing of 1.5m is required between all adults and children except for people from the same household.  The hall will be set up by each event organiser to enable this. 


For youth events (under 18 years old), social distancing is not required between youth, however, teachers/leaders need to remain 1.5m away from other adults and children.

Please follow the links below and read carefully through our conditions of entry, attendance guidelines and Covid-19 Safety Plan before attending any of our upcoming events.

Riverwood Christadelphian Covid-19 Safety Plan

Covid-19 Attendance Guidelines

Conditions of Entry

Resources for Organisers:

Checklist for Event Organisers and Supervisors

Attendance Roll download pdf, excel, word

Cleaning procedure and checklist

The above Covid-19 Safety Plan covers Sunday School, Memorial Meeting, Sunday evening events and Wednesday night bible classes.  In the event of the hall being used for other reasons (e.g., wedding, baptism or funeral) a separate plan will need to be created. Links to these plan templates can be found on the NSW Health site and in our attendance guidelines document.

In light of the recent outbreaks in NSW we are keeping a close eye on any changes to restrictions and will ensure we keep our Guidelines updated accordingly.

Please remember to pray for this pandemic to end quickly and for those who have been adversely affected by it so far.

If you have any questions in regards to the re-opening of our hall or any concerns, please email our recording brother at: jeremyandrose@gmail.com


Date: 6pm - 26th July, 2020

Subject: Bible Study Skills Workshop 

Event Organiser: Sister Sandy Shaw

Presenter: Brother James McCann

Audio-visual: Brother Rohan Dangerfield